Black Opal Xtreme Land 19 Flat Panel Display System

XL19: Xtreme Land 19″
Black Opal Xtreme Land 19" Flat Panel Display System by LaserDYNE


Width 453mm
Height 373mm
Depth 77.95mm
Mass <7.6kg


  • dedicated to use in land vehicles, sealed;
  • reduced weight and cost;
  • versatile mounting options;
  • designed to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation, EM shielded.


  • 19” 5:4 LED backlit LCD, 1,280 pixels x RGB x 1,024 lines (SXGA) resolution, 24 bit (16M) colour scale, 8 bit (256) grey scale.

I/O (MultiVision System)

inputs up to 4 low res’n + 6 high res’n + 1 SDI;
display up to 6 channels simultaneously;
outputs up to 2 SDI + 1 analogue video.

Image Processing

  • enhance function for smoke, rain, fog, etc;
  • freeze frame;
  • adjustable digital zoom;
  • colourisation;
  • overlay capability (chroma keying).



  • readable in full direct sunlight (105 lux) (LED backlight adjustable to over 1,000 nit);
  • readable with night vision devices (adjustable low intensity backlight, green or red selectable);
  • backlit buttons (adjustable, green or red selectable);
  • anti reflection coated window.


  • 18 to 33Vdc input (28V nominal).


  • RS-232 and RS422


panel Mount 8 x 5.5mm dia. holes, 3 per side;
side Mount 2 x M6 tapped holes, 8mm deep, on each side.


comms Baude rates;
sealing hermetic (land and sea), splash and drip proof (airborne);
recording internal DVR (SD) module;
SBC Gumstix based;
touchscreen 5-wire resistive.