Black Opal R15-5798 Flat Panel Display System

R15-5798: Display 15.6″ XGA

Black Opal R15-5798 Flat Panel Display System by LaserDYNE


width 364mm
height 332mm
depth 62mm
mass 6.4kg


  • dedicated to use in land and other vehicles;
  • suits surveillance, remote weapon stations and other systems;
  • options customisation;
  • designed to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation, EM shielded.


  • 15” 4:3 LED backlit LCD, 1,024 pixels x RGB x 768 lines (XGA) resolution, 24 bit (16.7M) colour scale, 8 bit (256) grey scale.

I/O (MultiVision System)

inputs 1 to 4 CVBS [configurable];
display live input or recorder playback;
outputs 1 CVBS.

Image Processing

  • enhance function for smoke, rain, fog, etc;
  • freeze frame;
  • adjustable digital zoom;
  • colourisation;
  • overlay capability (chroma keying).


  • readable in broad range of lighting conditions (backlight adjustable);
  • readable with night vision devices (adjustable low intensity backlight, green or red selectable);
  • backlit buttons (green, red selectable);
  • anti reflection coated window.


  • 12 to 32Vdc input (28V nominal).


  • RS-232 and RS422


rear, side, and top mounts.


recorder internal SD DVR, mp4 format, with removable USB 2.0 media;
computer fan-less Intel x86 Processor with touch screen.